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Complete Waterjet Cutter System Sizes Available:

4 x 46 x 36 x 48 x 410 x 612 x 6

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Affordable Machines With Quality, Brand-Name Parts

One-Year Warranty & On-Demand Troubleshooting

At Caldwell Machine Tools, we stand by our products. That's why we offer a one-year warranty on all our waterjet cutting machines, as well as on-demand troubleshooting.

We strive to have a two-business hour turnaround time for all routine technical issues. Some special technical issues may require video conferencing and engaging with our business partners. We aim to have these types of issues resolved within eight business hours.

For the most challenging technical issues, our technical personnel will be on-site within 24 business hours.

Our complete waterjet cutting systems include: intensifier, table, control, software, and automatic abrasive feeder system. Choose from 6 table sizes or have us design a custom table specifically for your needs. Easily cut through aluminum sheets, stainless, iconel, composites, stone, foam, glass, plastic, leather, tile, paper, food, rubber and more!

Complete Waterjet Cutting Systems Starting at $51,450

3-Axis Systems

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Starting at $51,450 New
Monthly Payments from $957*

4 x 4

6 x 3

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$51,450 New; $957 Monthly*

$54,800 New; $1,019 Monthly*

4-Axis Systems

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Starting at $60,500 New
Monthly Payments from $1,125*

6 x 4

12 x 6

10 x 6

8 x 4

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$60,500 New; $1,125 Monthly*

$81,470 New

$92,500 New

$103,675 New

The Caldwell Machine Tools Guarantee

•Tables from 4x4 to 12x6 feet

•Onsite installation & training

•A one-year warranty & support

•Spare parts in stock

•Tax savings

•Financing available

DXF file and NC code support

Auto CAD DXF exports

A 50 HP - 55k PSI high pressure redundant intensifier

A one-year warranty

Onsite installation and training

Online support and resources

Access to spare parts in stock

Options to finance

Tax savings

Every Caldwell Machine Tools complete waterjet cutter system includes:

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In-Stock Spare Parts and Online Support and Resources

Spare parts are in stock or easily located in the marketplace. We also offer online support and resources to help you get back to work fast.

*  Monthly payments based on a payment estimator. Please contact us for more information on monthly payments.

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Fast, Precise Cutting of Glass, Metal, Granite & More


•Finish Pro
•Hydraulic Rollers
•Hydraulic Pan Box & Brake
•Automatic Horizontal Band Saws
•Over Flow to Drain System
•Plasma Unit

Support Equipment Info

Support Equipment Available


Efficient loading and unloading stations. As modern fiber laser cutting processes tremendously reduce cycle times, especially for thin materials, automation of loading and unloading processes has become a must. The automatic loading station contains an innovative gripper concept, existing out of a vertically moving frame, equipped with intelligent suction cups, a separator unit, double sheet detector and separation airblow.

Fiber Laser Cutting Systems

Fiber Laser Cutters

HACO FL 3015 LU and FL4015 LU

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Compact fiber laser cutting cell

Innovative ‘Parallel Kinematics Technology’ for high dynamic movement

Automatic scratch free loading and unloading system

Reduced overall cycle times

Sheet stability by means of 3 CNC retractable clamps

Unmatched footprint requirement

Liquid cooled cutting head

CE certified protection

Caldwell Machine Tools complete fiber laser cutter system includes:

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The carbon cutting head assembly offers rigidity combined with high dynamics. Thanks to the innovative ‘Parallel Kinematics Technology’, accelerations have reached unmatched G-levels. 

Unmatched Dynamics

This diverse range meets your every need when it comes to plasma cutting. Specific applications, different plasma systems, and various cut.

Modern bending requirements such as productivity, quality and production speed, have led to increasing demand for automated bending systems. Caldwell offers a unique approach to robotized bending or robotic bending.

Caldwell Machine Tools high-tech CNC turret punching machines enable you to obtain very short production times with a minimum number of tools.

Plasma Cutting, Punching, & Robot Bending

Plasma Cutting

The RAPTOR CNC cutting system

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Robot Bending

Automated Bending or Robot Bending

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Punching Machines

Q5 CNC Punching Machines

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Fiber Laser, Plasma Cutting, Punching Machines & Robot Bending Systems

Affordable Machines With Quality, Brand-Name Parts

HFL A series

Economical sheet metal cutting machine

Models: 3015, 4015, 4020, 6020, 6025

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HFL H series

Medium Power sheet metal cutting machine

Models: 3015, 4020, 6020, 6025, 8025

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HFL X series

Compact sheet metal cutting machine

Models: 1390, 3015

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Introducing New Fiber Laser Cutting Systems